Updated: Feb 8, 2019

The parallel between past and our days is transparent when you start creating a make up look. The inspiration from baroque era came out from Moschino pre-fall 2019 collection.

The great work of hair-stylist Peter and make up artist Sonya was inspired by the wig which Peter created when he saw Moschino pre-fall 2019 fashion show.

I love baroque. When I saw their new fashion show by Moschino, I was speechless. Instantly I created my own wig. The perfect model for the look was Kristen.

- said Peter.

It took Sonya 2 hours to draw the frame on the face. She painted a face on the face right after creating the gold frame. The idea of face on face was inspired by baroque era great painters. Rembrandt was one of the iconic examples of baroque, the faces he painted were soft and angelic. Sonya picked the most baroque shades - soft beige, pink, peach and white (for highlights). Kristen added her freaky notes into the work by editing the proportions of her portraits in the wrong way.

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