Once again - punk style gives the feeling of the real freedom and the feeling of true underground life. Imagining the streets of London in late 80's Kristen created a new super rebel look for the new video.

Black smoky eyes with white eye lenses and oversized bomber. Kristen worked with Petya, Russian hair stylist, to create a new look for her video about the wigs. Hair means so much - it can change the look depending on the color of the hair or its style. Kristen always had a dream to work with punk stylish hair concept. Petya re-created the style in 5 hours. He used the old wig with wavy hair, but the result was beyond any compares.

On the streets of the art-area called "ARTPLAY" the team shooted the look. The perfect idea was to add Underground Shoes creepers with a triple platform. This brand has a punk DNA and huge history, it feels real punk when you wear them.

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