Magic Marie.

If Marie Antoinette only knew she would become an influencer in XXI, what would she say? But let them all eat cake, it's casual!

Diamonds, darker foundation tones and bright pink palette - total throwback to 2000's. The inspiration goes from the mix of glam of 2000's and Marie Antoinette greatest times. There's a thin line between chip idea of glam and art-chic style. The main idea was to blend the pink eyeshadow on eyebrows and hide the real under the glue and foundation. At first, the look had to be more chic and less 2000's but after mixing diamonds and the darker shade of foundation there's no chance, so you have to play with the balance.

The look included two versions. The one with the white wig was very charming and romantic, but the second one went from XVIII romance to punk-chic.

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