Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The best explanation of you is your photo. But every time you are in front of the camera, you are different.

The energy of these photos by Ivan Morkovkin goes to the dark part of VD soul. It seems structured and grainy, but very strong and beautiful at the same moment.

Nothing can be compared with the beauty of black and white photo.

It's very easy to recreate this aesthetics - the outfit is made of a t-shirt and high-boots. The truth about the photos is that Kristen has been wearing the real wet t-shirt (you cannot see it properly on the photos). It wasn't seen how cold and wet was Kristen during the photoshoot, but through the atmosphere of each photo you may even feel the warmth. The basic glass with the water drops created the "shower effect", but the actual photos were taken in a room.

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