The Big Bang

You don't know if it's big until you see it. The latest photoshoot of VD inspired by London night life and the beauty of Soho streets.

- I go out in London a lot. I visit this city literally every month. I cannot explain the amount of love I've got for this beautiful city. I would prefer to live in places - Amsterdam in London. The spirit and the people, these two things are very important to me. British creative society is my favorite. I love seeing young generation going out and having fun. There are no boarders there - everyone looks fabulous. I didn't catch the 80's but I heard that parties were even harder those times.

London is unexplained, it's beautiful as the city and as the place for anyone who loves to feel free.

The idea of this photoshoot with Ivan Morkovkin is inspired by Soho, the area in the centre of London. The place with sex-shops, vinyl shops, vintage shops, vinyl boutiques and the craziest fashionistas. The red vegan leather boots by Rocoboots are the highlights of the look. It looks hot! Have you ever tried not to zip your boots like Kristen? Looks like she goes hunting!

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