VD created a make up look inspired by the icon of beauty industry - Kabuki.

Inspired by the experience of woking with the master of make up – Kabuki and long nights in Soho (London), Kristen created a trippy punk rock look. The look includes yellow palette and yellow eye lines. To make the face looking sharper Kristen changes her eyebrows with lightening some parts and adding spikes to create a fake lines of eyebrows. Hair is also needed in an edition to this look. At first, the look had to be combined with white wavy wig, but it looked cheaper than a black hair wet look. Picking small parts of hair and completing the final steps with a hair gel for the wet effect. The final result impresses with the power of elements. It is the mix of Mugler era of 90’s and the clubs of London in the end of 80’s.

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